*UPDATE: I have changed the title!*

Jonnie must save the world now from a wraith she created in the future.

FRACTURED PRINCESS is a Young Adult Fantasy novel I began writing when I was 19 years old. It is set in the above-shown world of Teorre, a world filled with people both magical and non-magical and a dangerous army made of cast iron that scorches everything in its path. The story follows a young lady named Jonnie--the last surviving Crystal Bearer--and her watchmen as they run from this army and discover the reasons why it targets Jonnie.

A sketch of the principle characters.
(from Left to Right: Cyan, Jonnie, Laris, Andyrsn, Brodie, and "Lenne").

The known races of Teorre:
Human (non-magical)
Sprites (healers)
Trollics (non-magical)
Crystal Bearers (magical)(extinct?)
Lohubeti (magical)(missing?)

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