Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

There is so much going on in the world, so take a minute today to just find one or two things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for all of you!

Update: I witnessed the results of a motorcycle accident Wednesday night and saw a man die. I've had 4 shots of tequila and a glass of wine, and I am still not okay. Seriously, hug your loved ones. You don't know what the next minute promises.

A Quick Thank You on Thursday!

If you see my tweet to the left, here's a longer version of what happened: as I went to my Comments Awaiting Moderation tab to approve the comments I had received yesterday, I saw SIX MONTHS of comments that I never got an e-mail for! And when I don't get an e-mail, I don't look at that tab. I thought my blog was dying haha.
But it wasn't, so I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to read and comment on my blog this past half of a year! I read each comment, and it's so appreciated to have this blogsphere support still! Love you guys!

Insecure Writer's Support Group: Updates!

Happy Wednesday! I was so excited to post that I almost posted a week early.

It's the first Wednesday of the month, and for us writers, that means it's time to throw our cares into the blogosphere and encourage each other through good and bad thoughts. A big thank you as always to Alex J. Cavanaugh, the mastermind behind this whole project. You can visit his website and the Insecure Writer's Support Group site to join and visit the co-hosts and other participants.

[Side note: I just change the format to justified, and now I hope I remember to do that always. It looks so clean!]

On October 22, I started my new job back with the State of Delaware, not back at my old department (those cats declined TWICE!), but it wasn't meant to be, so I am joyfully in a different department. From day 1, I've felt so much lighter and stress-free. My boss is everything my previous boss was not, and I feel like I really am part of a team and not just the help. Also, I HAVE MY OWN OFFICE!

(I just inserted this one because I love my computer wall paper.)
Never in my life did I ever imagine having my own 4 walls and a door. I've been in cubicles and shared spaces my entire career existence! Every now and then, I just stand around in awe that they hired me. I don't want that feeling to wear off.

On October 29, I received my last agent rejection letter, so I will now be researching how to self-publish. I want to get the ball rolling on a Kickstarter for my cover art and marketing, and this time next year, I want to have a published book. Wish me the best!