Insecure Writer's Support Group

I'll know how big this is, and if it's centered  later.

Happy Wednesday! It's the first Wednesday of September, which means it's time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group, a day where we anxious writers her to share our worries with each other. Click here for more information and to join us. A big thank you to Alex J. Cavanaugh and co-hosts for keeping this going.

I answered this month's question last month, actually: What publishing path are you considering/did you take, and why?

I have entered my last contest, and if it doesn't pan out well, I will be self-publishing. I'm at an age now where I need some control over the things I love to do before I end up resenting them. I've said it before that my family is full of "what-if" people, and I do not want to be one of them.

That said, I'm also going to take a break from blogging the month of September. I'll know by October if I'll be coming back. Usually by the next month, I'm eager to post again, but at the moment I keep forgetting to, so I need to recharge.

In that break, I hope to finally get around to visiting other blogs again, so I hope to see you soon!