Moving to Fridays & Listening to The Fifth Season, the Audiobook

I was supposed to post yesterday but had an interview and a routine oncology appointment, and EVERYONE on 495 wanted to get into accidents yesterday, so I had no time.

I'm going to move all posts to Fridays. I don't have anything tying me to Wednesdays anymore except for Wednesday Words, and I can change that to Weekly Words in two seconds. I just did. HA. My Tuesday nights are typically busy, so I can't schedule posts all the time, but my Thursdays aren't that bad at work or at home, so I can schedule a post easily, or easily post on Friday, which is the most available day at work.

The good thing about forgetting to post yesterday is I can tell you what I started yesterday!

I had a deal from Chirp in my inbox for N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season audiobook. As you know, 1) I LOVE Nora's work and LOVED The Broken Earth series, and 2) I want to record an audiobook for Fractured Princess, so this was a good chance for me to see how audiobook narrators sound and listen to a book I loved. And because I was stuck in an accumulative two and a half of hours of traffic added to an already three-hour round trip, I'm already a third of the way finished it.

Hearing some of my favorite lines, like, "This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends...for the last time" gave me so much life. I tweeted yesterday how my human self totally missed the biggest hint to the end of this book, and why wouldn't I have? It wasn't obvious, until you're reading the book again. The same thing happens when I'm rewatching a tv show and see hints that I couldn't have caught before (like Ronaldo telling the entire plot of the Diamond Authority in Steven Universe in the 31st episode of the 1st season, which we learn is true in the 24th episode of the 2nd season). It gets me fired up about the rest of the story.

I am on vacation the next two weeks, so I will return promptly and non-jokingly on April Fool's Day haha. Whether or not I am doing A to Z, at this point, we will certainly see. I did have something I was working on months ago, so maybe that will work??

See you in April!