Chain of Haiku... (excerpt)

WARNING: Explicit content below.

submitted to as D. R. Finney
(View the full "Chain of Haiku from a Rambling Cancer" HERE)

Excuse me while my
head explodes and
blows my brains to space

Hey Kerouac!
No one goes out
To find themselves anymore

If you actually
spoke to me I would
instantly orgasm

I wake up
to a pretty song
And it's you

If he could he
would push away
his shadow

Here lies your
hopes and there go
my clothes

If he keeps on
fucking himself his
babies will be stupid

Anchor me to
insanity while he
slips away

Her heart went Black
Hole when she
couldn't have him

Watch from the
window as the Tenth
House falls

Fourth House rules:
Obsession, Denial
And then we die.