Chain of Haiku from a Rambling Cancer

WARNING: Explicit content below.

submitted to as D. R. Finney

Excuse me while my
head explodes and
blows my brains to space

Beware of Cancers
They are
Obsessed with Capricorns

Hey Kerouac!
No one goes out
To find themselves anymore

If you actually
spoke to me I would
instantly orgasm

This is ground control
Your tin can has rusted
Just come on home

makes a blue print
You fit mine

I wake up
to a pretty song
And it's you

I would do every
thing to and for you
Maybe that's the problem

If he could he
would push away
his shadow

Here lies your
hopes and there go
my clothes

His smile and
la petit morte

He's James Dean
sulking in his
over-sized shades

Mr. Brando he is
panting in your
white wife beater

His lips in the dark
Open your eyes
He's not really there

If he keeps on
fucking himself his
babies will be stupid

Let's be friends
Three words
One bullet

is all he can offer
Screw The General

These nails would
make you scream
for days

Anchor me to
insanity while he
slips away

Her heart went Black
Hole when she
couldn't have him

Watch from the
window as the Tenth
House falls

Cradle me
I feel
Your heartbeat

Fourth House rules:
Obsession, Denial
And then we die.

To Jenny:
That thorn in your brain
Has a name

We resort to
lesser beings because
you refuse to love

Silent screams you
cannot hear because
you're far away

Watch the petals
fall from the tree
of the Fourth House

I would call to say
I need you but shouldn't
know your number

You broke the
fourth wall, where
are your burns?

At the top of my lungs
I scream in your face
Say something!

So the truth is
you have no balls
You're not worth it

Avoid the Capricorns
at all cost
Sparks of crazy ignited

I couldn't make
anymore mistakes
if I tried

Watch out for
Cancers, they are

For just one day
why can't I be
a Libra?

I can't shake you
from my head

Pick up the glass
and my fingers
start to bleed

And while our minds
settle for fantasy, hormones
kill for something more

We will get there, Jenny
Scratch up their backs
and everything

Lovers pine for each
other. LOVERS.
You're just a stalker

Aren't you smooth
Sneak inside and stay

With my Cancerian
powers I make you
think of me

Actions speak for
themselves. You're
not speaking to me

This is no movie
No happy ending
You'll die alone.

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