Wednesday Words: A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing

Lord, when did you last see me on a Wednesday that wasn't the first one?

Friday, I began to read Eimear McBride's A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing. I had put this on my Goodreads quite some time ago after reading a bunch of reviews by people who trashed it for the disjointed writing style. I got really defensive for Eimear and thought, "I'm going to read this, so there!" Like any of them heard me, but people like to hate things they don't understand. So, I'm finally getting to it to give it a chance. (Also, it won a prize in 2014, so someone got it.)

Through this book, we're in the mind of a woman. When it starts, she's trying to cope with her brother's brain tumor. I'm pretty sure I passed a head injury in there, too, and I feel like this could also be the purpose of this writing style.

So, let me see what's happening on (hit generator) page 99 to share with you all.

It's stupid game. It is. It is. Is it not life and death. We roll about the floor. Getting awful kick from this. I'm above I am not. Not tonight. Together. You. I.

I'm almost sure that's NSFW.

Hey, is anyone hitting their Goodreads goal this year? I'm most likely not. lol


Sheena-kay Graham said...

Yeah I'm likely to not hit my goal as well. But I'm trucking on! Disjointed writing styles can get a bad wrap. I might just check this out to combat naysayers too. Nice to meet another reader who sometimes buys books based off petty/questionable bad reviews.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good for you for giving the book a chance. I didn't set a goal. Which is a good thing as I'd be failing miserably.