Tuesday Tales: Homelands with Andyrsn

Happy Tuesday!

Journeying through the minds of my characters, I've found Writeworld, a site filled with lists of character questions. Using one of the roleplay lists, let's see what my characters remember or know of their homelands. We haven't heard from Andyrsn in a while, so let's start with him.

Where is your homeland?
What are its people like?

Did you miss me?

I was born on Viveno Island. It's just off the southeast coast of the Life Continent. It's always warm there, and it's surrounded by beaches on every side, so there's a lot of surfing and fishing throughout the day. We have some fun tournaments, too. There's the baobab tree race, where we see who can climb up and get the most baobabs the fastest. Obviously, we have surfing tournaments--what good beach bums don't? The kids do sand castle contests. Everyone's laid back and friendly. We're all pretty low maintenance. You get the occasional angry old man, but that can't be helped.

How about you guys?

(Hey, come back. What's a baobab?)

Huh? Man, you guys don't have those?

(Not in our country.)

Oh, man. Well, so, they're this really popular fruit on my island. The outside is fuzzy and kinda yellow. When you crack it open, you've got a bunch of tough red fibers covering up the good stuff. The pulp is dry and can be eaten straight or ground into a powder and put in just about everything. I know some ladies who even use the oil from the tree in their hair.

(That's how I use it!)

Nice! The trees they come from are fat and tall with short branches hanging around the top, so everyone has to climb to get the fruit. Hope you get to taste it one day!

(Thanks for coming back!)

No problem!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well now, what's a baobab?

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Whoops! I brought him back for you. :D

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Nice that you explained the baobab. Andyrys has a nice life.