IWSG: Suddenly Seeking Something Else

Brought to us by Alex. J Cavanaugh
Happy December!

The Insecure Writer's Support Group was designed by Alex J. Cavanuagh, the Great Ninja in the Sky...oh wait. haha. But it was designed by him for us writers to have a chance to express our insecurities and sometimes share our successes!

So, the general consensus was that 2016 was garbage. It certainly was for me. I thought having a full time job would make things a little better, but I don't like my job. Working in a hospital as an admin is way too interactive for me. I talk to way too many people too many times a day, which gives me a little anxiety and I spend a lot of time preparing myself to call or talk to people. My manager also doesn't want me to have a shred of downtime.

In hindsight, had I found another part-time job, my boss wouldn't have cared if I adjusted my hours, but I also needed health insurance I didn't need to pay out of pocket, and having benefits helps with sick days and vacations. I liked my old job because I DIDN'T have to talk to people as much, and I did a lot more with data entry and editing. So that said, I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon that is more geared to that type of administrative assistance, and I'm going to keep looking for jobs that tailor more to writing. Why I didn't do that right out of college, I wish I knew. My mind just didn't think of it. Wish me luck!

Now for this month's question: In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what’s your plan to get there?

God willing, I certainly hope I'm published with another book on the way. I had a lot of likes during October's DVPit and am still waiting to hear from some of the agents I queried. A couple from my wishlist haven't responded yet, but we're now in the holiday season, so I'm trying to not to count them out until maybe the end of January.


  1. I hope you rock that interview tomorrow! Interacting with a lot of people is also very draining.

  2. All the best with the interview and writing Deb.

  3. I wonder why I didn't look for writing jobs right out of college, too. I think I was just desperate for a job. I hate dealing with a lot of people because of anxiety so my job now is pretty perfect for that. Good luck with your interview!!!

  4. Good luck with the interview! Fingers crossed for you! :)

  5. Well, I hope you'll find another one. I work retail, so I have to deal with stupid people all day long. They're annoying lol. But I've started volunteering at the library and that's far better for me--less people, less interaction, less anxiety. So I'm hoping for a part time or full time job there.