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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves however they do over the holidays. I walked/jogged my first 5k this past Sunday. I hope to add a little more jogging the next time, or figure out how power walkers do it without their shin muscles cramping up!

Writing/reading/etc.-wise, I'm starting off the new year co-hosting the querypalooza Become An Agent with SC Author. I've never co-hosted anything, but I think I can do it. I'm currently pretending like I'm a query expert and am posting tips for the event. I'm also hoping to actually make my Goodreads goal this year, so wish me luck!

Now for the first IWSG Question of the Month of the year! ha

What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard?

Ironically, it was all over the December newsletter, so no offense to those who said it, but I hate this "rule" more than anything: Write daily.

This can make writers feel like they're not writers or not going to make it just because they DON'T write daily. Things happen, life happens, and it's not an excuse when they do. If you can write thousands of words a day, then good for you. If you open your laptop and happen to just stare at the screen for hours and nothing comes to mind, that's okay, too. Try again the next day. Instead of telling people to write daily, just tell them to keep writing. It's way less pressure and a lot more encouraging, in my opinion.

One goal I have in 2017: Get back to reading other people's blogs! So see you tonight!


  1. LOL! Write daily... Okay, so I just got done saying how I don't do this on another blog, and then it occurred to me, yes I do. I just don't write fiction every day. Journaling is actually what got me comfortable with putting words on the page, and I do that every day, so yes, I write every day--just not necessarily fiction. It's definitely a good practice.

  2. Seems we dislike the same rule :-) Good luck with all your goals. Happy writing.

  3. Good luck with co-hosting!
    I've never written daily. So far, it's worked out all right.

  4. Keep writing is indeed better advice Deb. Cool that you are co-hosting and posting tips. Finding ways to be helpful in the writing community is very rewarding.

  5. Good one, Deb. I hate word counts for that very reason. I think each person needs to create their own habits, whatever works for them.

  6. It's not that I dislike that rule, it's just that I know it's impossible for me. If I could write every day, I probably would. But I know I can't. I'm not all that broken up about it, though.
    Good luck with co-hosting!

  7. A lot of us dislike that rule.

    And congrats on the 5K. The way you get the legs to stop hurting, is to keep doing it. Eventually you get used to walking, then jogging, then running...beware, it's addictive :)

    My IWSG Post where I also hate on "write every day."

  8. I hate the rule "write daily". Just because you write daily doesn't mean you are writing well daily. You aren't necessarily improving the move you write. Instead you are just putting words to paper or screen. So yeah. Agree with you totally on this one.

  9. A co-host? How exciting! Best of luck with that and all your other endeavors this year...

    And, I must admit, I do work on my projects daily. Even so, I agree that it shouldn't be considered a rule for everyone to follow. I only force myself to 'cause I know I'd quit being an artist otherwise. (It's happened before.) I've seen others excel with far less rigid schedules/goals, so everyone just needs to figure out what works best for them...

  10. Congrats on finishing the 5K. I find it strange that I have a 5 miles loop that I can jog with no major problems, but if I speed-walk it, I get blisters. Weird.

    I don't write every day. Weekends and holidays with the kids home and needing attention makes those days impossible for writing.