Tuesday Tales: Sitting Down with Cyan

Merry Day After Christmas! It's time for another Tuesday Tales Q&A with one of my characters! This time, I'm holding onto Cyan's legs so he can't get away (though Jonnie might answer for him anyway). I took today's questions from The Ultimate Character Questionnaire. It's a huge list, so anyone with Microsoft can download it.

All right. Hi, Cyan!


Cyan: . . . Hi.
Jonnie: Stop frowning! This will be quick.

Jonnie, what words or phrases does Cyan overuse?
Jonnie: He likes to curse things *laughs*. He says "The damned of you" all the time.

How does he display affection?
Jonnie: You'd be surprised how affectionate he is! He is a hugger. He also likes to touch the top of my head.

Cyan: Teorre. I don't like to; 'tis just a habit.

Cyan, how do you want to be seen by others?
Cyan: I would like for them to see me as a good Watchman. People have been watching my progress since I was a kid, so I hope I have made them proud.

Jonnie, how is he seen by others?
Jonnie: Well, I'm biased because he's my big brother, but he is the best! He may get on my nerves at times--

Cyan: Likewise.

Jonnie: --but I know he just wants what's best for me.

How does he react to praise?
Jonnie: Oh, dear Teorre, just don't. He has no idea how to handle compliments. Just say, "Well done," and move on.

How does he react to criticism?
Jonnie: You can tell he doesn't take it well--he frowns and sulks and sometimes talks back. Howbeit, he does consider and incorporate changes as necessary.

Cyan, what is your perception of family?
Cyan: Well, I suppose, family isn't just your blood. 'Tis who you can rely on from day to day and who you would die for.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Cyan: I haven't seen it happen yet, but there must be a day when she will tire herself out, so hang in there.

Jonnie: Easy now!

All right, that's enough out of them haha. There are a bunch of other questions to explore, so I'll probably come back to them next month . . . or should I say NEXT YEAR!?


Heather R. Holden said...

Haha, poor Cyan. Glad you forced him to stick around for this--character Q&A's are always fun! The advice to his younger self was especially amusing... XD

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Hehehe And it's funnier to me because he's 100% serious.