February Writing Update: Sequels and More Ideas

This is exactly what writing is like.

February is moving by quite slowly, which I don't mind. My Kickstarter is (holy crap, I just looked) now at 80% with 24 days to go, and that just turned my day around. Although now I have to do an update, and I wanted it to be a video! It's after 10pm right now, though, so....no video.

I started the month off in jury duty, and let me just say I'm glad I loved Chemistry in school, because I learned a LOT about hemophilia drugs in that time. That said, on Day 1 (which made it so much worse, because I couldn't say anything!) an idea for a story came to me from some of the base facts. It's going to be a vampire novel for sure, possibly horror? Not completely sure yet. Some serious research has to come out of that, but at least I have another story idea!

I mentioned this in January, but I had an idea for a sequel to my current WIP, The Queen's Daughters, and on Monday I finally wrote out a few ideas for it. It'll definitely be another journey story (Fractured Princess is essentially a journey story), but that's all I really know for now. For The Queen's Daughters itself, I've been rereading parts, so now I just have to work on writing more parts and connecting the fragments. There are a few scenes I really need to get down, and I don't want to delay any longer.

As for Fractured Princess, I did a few more quick edits (typos and a minor revision), but I plan on not touching it anymore, as it is the subject of my Kickstarter. I also added a new scene in its sequel, and I can't wait for the whole story to come completely to life. It's going to be pretty big (in my head, anyway). I hope I do it justice.

That's all for now. I will see you all next week with my monthly review!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good stuff on the Kickstarter!
Glad someone got something good out of jury duty.

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Thanks! I was really not excited about jury duty, but the topic was so engaging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb!

Yes, congrats on the Kickstarter and I've never done jury duty, but I imagine it would be an interesting couple of days/weeks, but hopefully never months :)