Wednesday Words: When She Reigns by Jodi Meadows

Oh my gosh, it's still Wednesday at least. So, this is usually the day where I share what I am reading, so now it's the night. Ah well. I'm really excited about this one.

We've come to the final installment of Jodi Meadows's Fallen Isles Trilogy: When She Reigns. I'm still so blessed to have been a sensitivity reader for Jodi through this, and by this book, I was just basically a beta reader. I'm already halfway through the book, and there's so many things I can share. This time, though, the blurb speaks volumes, and because it's already 9PM, I'm going to go ahead and share that for you all.

The Great Abandonment has begun. Panic has seized the Fallen Isles, where no one knows which god will rise next. Mira Minkoba believes her dreams hold the secret to bringing an end to the destruction, but in order to save her people, she'll have to find a legendary treasure: the bones of the first dragon.

Mira's desperate search leads the Hopebearer and her friends on a dangerous journey into the heart of enemy territory: the Algotti Empire itself. The empress is more than willing to help--for an impossible price. And as tensions escalate beneath the shadows of the risen gods, Mira grapples with a terrifying question: What will she have to sacrifice to preserve what she loves?

I love it.

What are you reading this month?

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