February Writing Update & Wednesday Words


Happy Wednesday!

We're halfway through the month, so I thought I would pop in on the 3rd Wednesday like I was supposed to last month and say hi.

Last month, I did a preliminary edit of the first half of Fractured Princess. I know when it's my time in the edit queue I might not have the time I need to sit down and get all my edits done, so hopefully what I did will help when I send the original to the editor. The day I had at work yesterday, though, I might just take days off when it is my time. Why not?!

I came across a tweet a week back that really hit hard. It said: "'My child is neurotypical,'" and the line under it said, "Your child used to read all the time but can't focus long enough to do it anymore." Good God, I'm the child. But I'm trying! So, this week I started Chase Bolling's The Road Of Resistance, First Book of The Vanguard Series.

After weapons technology is mysteriously knocked back to the dark ages, America is plunged into chaos! Shades of the Black Wall Street Massacre, and the Trump Riots ensue when the president consigns everyone but the elite to mass incarceration, and forced labor! As martial law strikes a night of protests leads to riots, looting and revolution!

Chessed, an S.C.A loving ex-gang member, dons his armor, hefts his weapons, and declares war on corrupt cops, hate groups, and the nefarious powers of a hostile government! He and his allies must fight to survive if they are going to carve a post-apocalyptic Camelot from their embattled inner-city community!

Chase is the flagship author and Managing Editor of SF/F For the Culture and was the one who pulled me into the mix for Wahida Clark Publishing's Sci-Fi Fantasy imprint. I'm a few pages in, and when I realized what was happening, I thought, "Oh. Oh, wait. Oh, no!" I'm excited to see what happens next. It's swords and shields in modern-day America, and I'm here for it.

In January, it reached #15 in Black & African American Sci-Fi, #84 in Black & African American Fantasy, and #89 in Arthurian Fantasy in the Kindle Store, and that's huge! So, if you're looking for something new to read, I strongly suggest checking out this book.

Have a great rest of your month!

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