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It has been two months since my last monthly review, but honestly, not much has changed. I'm editing a little more than I'm writing, but I'm at the point where I'm about to pull scenes from the first and second pass of this book, and I think after that, I'll be moving steadily.

Reading-related segue, I just had to force myself to finish a Facebook story, and I feel like my attention span is getting worse. On the other hand, I'm realizing I never had much of an attention span. I would literally be taking notes in class while writing a story. I used to read during commercials, but also now we can skip those, so my reading has continued to plummet. Not to mention my phone is glued to my hand. I really need to force myself to read, because I have HUNDREDS of books now that I need to read, from as far back as 2016, I'm sure. All that so say, I have not finished a book this month. I haven't even finished the short story I'm reading (Poe's Hans Pfall short story), and I know half of that is because he's just rambling. I need to stop trying to read things just to read them and read what interests me. That should be a revelation, but it is.

I had a table at a women's conference a couple of weeks ago. I had 16 books left from Dover Comic-Con, so I brought those and sold 8. Grateful for those who bought a book. I really wish more people had been interested, but I guess at least I have less books to buy for the Blue Hen Comic-Con, if only 8 less. I don't think this is a just a me-problem, but getting financial support for these things is pretty hard, and I try not to let that discourage me. It does worry me wondering if I'll be able to recoup what I risk, especially in this economy. The Patreon didn't work. I was literally just making videos for my younger sister. I want to do more marketing or promotions like Bookbub, but those also cost money. Self-publishing is a hard road, but I took it for a reason. I think I just have to be okay with the idea of writing being a hobby unless I get noticed and become a big name.

Last Saturday, I streamed while recording the first two chapters of Fractured Princess. I already have to re-record them. I wasn't close enough to the mic, but I hope to get the book recorded so I can publish the audiobook before the year ends. I really enjoyed doing it. I'll probably try to re-record today--though I won't stream it. I've posted pieces of the first chapter so many times already. It took two hours to post two chapters, and the two chapters together, I think were about an hour and a half long, before editing, so I'm pretty sure it takes at least three times as much time to record as it does to listen, and the audiobooks I've read have been about 8 hours long. *Crying Pepe emoji*

I think that's all that's happened. Oh! I saw Wicked! with my younger sister for her birthday. Amazing! Wasn't a fan of the ableism in the story, but aside from that, really cool how they worked the backstory and background of the Oz universe.

Okay, that's all for real. Good luck to those doing NaNoWriMo. I will be working on this book for sure, but not participating.

Happy Halloween!

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