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Happy December!

I was supposed to come back last week to talk about Blue Hen Comic-Con, but it was a busy week. Overall, the Comic-Con was good. One thing I did observe, and observed during Dover Comic-Con as well, is that most of the teenagers/young adults (the target audience for Fractured Princess) passed by my table. They're definitely more interested in the anime/scifi aspects of conventions, which I totally understand. Still pretty painful to witness, BUT I did meet a great author who had flyers for an actual book convention, so I am going to sign up for that. Book conventions will obviously be a better draw, so the books I didn't sell will go towards that, if I still have them by then. We'll see. It was also a lesson on not to plan what bills you'll get to pay off afterwards, because I only broke even, so nothing was paid off. On a positive note, at least I broke even.

Also, I have yet to unpack my car...Maybe next year haha.

I haven't failed my reading challenge, but I've failed my reading challenge. I'm reading a book that is thankfully short, because it's bad. I don't like bashing other authors, because I know the time it takes to write, but it was clear this author needed way more guidance, training, and editing than they received. It reminded me that I also still need to read up on writing, because 1) I literally started the series I'm currently working on TWENTY years ago, and 2) there is a lot I probably still need to learn, even though I've been writing for decades now, and especially as an independent author. Do I want to try to traditionally publish the next series? I'm not even sure. It's a nice thought, but if the industry still hasn't changed, why bother?

On another positive note, I did have some people at the Convention ask about an audiobook. I streamed my first recording, then immediately realized I wasn't close enough to the mic. I'll try to stream again, but I'll have to figure out a configuration, because the little sound box I have (aka borrowed) is small, and I need to fit a mic, my laptop, and my head in that thing! So, all that said, streaming most likely won't be happening. I wanted to have a fun way to engage on Twitch with my writing, though. Maybe writing sessions, but I'm so spacey with those. It would force me to focus, but I don't want to be forced to focus. I'm so annoying.

Anyways, I cannot believe December is here already. The older you get, the faster time seems to go by. Someone said it's because as a child, you don't really have much past to look back on, so it feels slower? Something like that. All I know is I'm supposed to have completed an audiobook by now, read more books, and finished all of my unfinished games, and none of that happened. *facepalm* I hope your November went well, and I wish everyone Happy Holidays! See you in January!

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