Tuesday Tales: Andyrsn Takes Over!

Happy Tuesday. Can you believe in 3 days, it will be JULY?

For the past few weeks, I've been blessed to have many questions to answer for my characters from my blog mates. We're coming down to the last ones that I've received so far, and I hope once I build my momentum back up, others will visit and ask questions, too.

Heather Holden asked a list of great questions, and today, we'll be revisiting Andyrsn to learn more about his love of pranks.

For Andyrsn: Have any of your pranks ever backfired on you? Has anyone ever pranked you?


Ah, well...they can't all be jewels. My friend Donovan and I were great at herding tiny animals into things. This one time, we got these water beetles into a crate. We thought it was impenetrable...It wasn't. We had to go back to the temple for lunch and ended up needing to leave the crate in the woods. On our way back, all we could hear were some little girls screaming their heads off. They'd been playing on top of the crate, and one's foot went through. The beetles were all over them. They're harmless, but little girls and bugs don't get along often, you know? We got the switch to our legs when Donovan's mom found out, and then she sent me home to my brothers, and I got the switch again.

My nieces are turning into little pranksters. I've come home to a lot of my clothes turned inside out or gone to leave and my boots were filled with honey. When they get older, I'm gonna be in trouble. Couldn't be more proud.

Next week, we have one more question for Brodie.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Filled with honey? What a sticky mess.

Heather R. Holden said...

LOL, love how his nieces are turning into little pranksters, too. Can only imagine how much mischief would occur if they and Andyrsn ever teamed up! XD