IWSG: I've Never Quit, But...

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This month we were asked if we have ever quit.

I've never stopped writing. Writing is something that has always kept me going. Just thinking about never pursuing a career in writing or not writing at all hurts my feelings.

But though I haven't quit, I've thought sometimes that maybe I'm not someone who will get published, or with the luck I've had in the past with CPs, those are signs that I should give up. When those thoughts pop up, I counter them with the thought that these are just obstacles I have to get over. This past year, I had a great experience with pitches and a full edit letter on my manuscript. Things may not be moving as quickly as I would like, but they are still moving, so I just have to do my part. :)


  1. Good luck with your recent successes! Hopefully they continue to roll in and you never have ever even consider quitting!

    IWSG June

  2. They are still moving! Just keep going forward. No hurt feelings here.

  3. That's a good attitude! Sometimes (ok, all the time) the process is slow. That doesn't mean we should quit.

  4. Most of us will never end up best selling millionaire authors. But we are still writers. No one, no lack of publishing deal, can ever take that away from you. I'm glad to hear you keep pushing forward.

  5. Good for never quitting, and for keeping such a positive attitude about obstacles.
    Trisha Faye
    Writer’s Zen: www.writerszenblog.wordpress.com

  6. The turtle beats me too. But as long as you keep the good attitude and sing on the way, that's all that matters.

  7. I often feel like I see signs to give up, too. (And actually did quit comics for a while, way-back-when, LOL.) The writing path definitely isn't a speedy one, so I'm glad you've always found a way to keep persevering despite that!

  8. This business moves slower than lame molasses, so you're definitely not alone in finding things don't move as quickly as you'd like.

    I love your spirit, though. Good for you for never giving up! You will triumph over those obstacles.


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