Wednesday Words: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Wish my sister and I the best of luck and fun as we're off in a couple more hours to audition for Wheel of Fortune in NYC!

It is the second Wednesday of the month, which means time for me to share with you all what I am reading this fortnight (is it always a fortnight, no matter the time of day?). So, sometime in the next couple of hours while on a train, I plan to crack open Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

I'd heard of this book most of my college years, and I've heard a lot more of it since Trump was elected. When I saw it was becoming a TV show, I was intrigued. My sister has read the book and watched the episodes currently aired on Hulu. When my cousin, who almost never watches anything, started watching it and commenting her shock, I knew I had to start watching, too. So, after episode 3, I said, "Screw my To-Read list, this is the next book I read!"

So it shall be. And now, I'll share a few lines from a random page. There are 311 pages in this novel, and Random, fortunately, chose page 49. I don't want to be caught off guard but also don't want too big of a spoiler. Hopefully, this page is near one of these 3 episodes. lol

*flips to 49* Ah, it's the end of a chapter.

The hall is dusky, this is a man, his back to me; he's looking into the room, dark against its light. I can see now, it's the Commander, he isn't supposed to be here.

Ah, yes. Just enough to intrigue and not spoil. I wonder how far into the narrative this is. I can't wait to find out!

What are you reading this week?


Heather R. Holden said...

Oh, how exciting! Good luck to you and your sister!

I've noticed The Handmaid's Tale being talked about more lately, too. Hope you enjoy it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've never read it but I saw the movie with Natasha Richardson. Thought it was sad and a bit depressing.

Sarah Foster said...

Hope your audition went well! That would be super cool if you get on there.
I've been curious about that book lately, too. I'll probably check it out at some point.

Unknown said...

I've been watching this series and I was inspired to reread the book. Oddly enough I found the language too flowery and boring to keep reading it. Maybe because I already knew the story? Maybe I've become a lazy reader? I hope not!

I've nominated your blog for the 2017 Liebster award. Check it out here! If it's not your thing that's fine, don't feel obligated to participate. I'd still love to have your book recommendation though!

Have a great day!

Debra Renée Byrd said...

It was fun!

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Thanks! We had a great time!

Debra Renée Byrd said...

I think it's supposed to be part of the point? ;)

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Oh my gosh. Thank you!