Wednesday Words: My NaNoWriMo Project!

Happy Hump Day!

It's a 5th Wednesday, and that means it's time for me to share with you all what I am either reading or writing.

Firstly, how did everyone do with NaNaWriMo? I set a goal of 500 words a day for myself, and started out pretty well, then petered. I'm terrible at these kind of goals, so I'm not sure why I kid myself, but on the bright side, I have the beginnings of an entirely new writing project! I've been so focused on Fractured Princess, I was starting to lose sight a little about writing. This November helped me break out of that, and I'm excited where this new story will take me.

For now, it's called The Queen's Daughters, a story based off of a dream I had (which is also how FP came to be). I haven't gotten to that particular scene yet, but some other circumstances in my life helped me put down the first few words, so I thought I would share those. They're bleak, just so you know, but here they are.


They killed our mother.

Then, they expected us to live in this place without her and be happy about it. Our father’s castle. This is not our home. It never has been. It’s just a place we visited during the off season so he could look like a good father.

Once, we thought he was.

But she was better. She was always better.

So now, we are taking her kingdom back, little by little. We may die doing it, but we will let the world know that we are Adasia’s daughters, and we will take shit from no one, not even the King.


Heather R. Holden said...

Ooh, love how dark the conflict is already. Am already intrigued enough to want to read more! And how cool that this project was actually inspired by a dream. My brain's never that awesome, LOL. Best of luck with this!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great hook. The king is in trouble.
Even a great start is a good NaNo accomplishment.

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Thanks, Sensei!