Monthly Review & Quarterly Goals

I just realized my Wednesdays are off a week because IWSG happened on the 2nd Wednesday this month. AH, well! I'm not going back and editing those posts (I'm totally going back and editing those posts).

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I'm not going to ignore it: there's been a lot of death this season. I'm sure the death toll doesn't ramp up November through January (heck, maybe it does), but that's certainly what it feels like. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and hugging loved ones if you hug.

On the 31st, I will be halfway through my rounds of chemotherapy, thank God. I would love for the remaining three months to go by quickly on the days I  need them to go by quickly (i.e.: when I'm nauseated by the chemo and the medicine they give me doesn't work, or when my body aches like I have the flu and I just want to lay in bed until it stops) and slowly on the days I need them to go by slowly (i.e.: when none of the above is happening). However, that doesn't always happen, so I will just take things a day at a time and keep it pushing.

I reworked a whole chapter in Divided Princess this past weekend, which helped add some more action to the story, and I'm happy with it. Now, I think I can push forward with the story again. I looked over my NA fantasy I mentioned was at a full stop last week, and I put some notes on what I'll be changing in that one, also. Hopefully, I will be picking back up with it soon.

Sadly, I'm still on the same book from the beginning of the month, so I hope to be reading something new by February's Wednesday Words.

Some goals I have for this quarter are:

1) to eat better. I'm on the Daniel fast this month, and having stuck to it most of the 21 days felt like a big step in the right direction;

2) to exercise a little more on the days I feel good. With fasting comes losing water and muscle weight, so I need to get in the habit of toning that back into shape when I'm eating meat and bread again;

3) to cook more, or at least grocery shop food to eat more. The amount of fast food we usually eat is probably appalling; and

4) to read and write more. It's been a little slow for at least a year, due to circumstances obviously, but I think I can try to do a little better regardless.

I hope everyone has had a good start to 2020. What are some goals you have this quarter?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I hope the remaining sessions go by quickly. Nothing like feeling half sick all the time.
Definitely try planning a menu and grocery shopping. It will make a difference. I can't even remember the last time I had fast food. Been years.

Heather R. Holden said...

Fingers-crossed the next three months of chemo do, indeed, speed by for you. It (unsurprisingly) sounds like absolute torment. :(

And your goals are all so admirable. Best of luck with them!