Monthly Review

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What a difference a month makes.

A month ago, I started Door Dashing to make some extra money. 2 weeks later, the corona virus hit my state, and yesterday, I heard there was a case in one of the local school districts, so with my compromised immune system, I am officially home for 5 of 7 days. I still have to come into the office 2 days because of my timekeeping duties, but when I receive a laptop with remote access, I will be home each day. Last week, just being home 4 days drove me a little crazy. I just have to find things to do, and I'm not without things to do!

Here is a list I posted to my personal Facebook:

Read more than 5 page at a time.
Finally get some artwork started.
Catch up on anime I never finished.
Watch more Chinese dramas and dònghuà (Chinese version of anime).
Get back on Duolingo.
See if I can still tell the BTS members apart.

What are you doing while you're being safe and staying home as much as possible?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm still working and since I'm a homebody anyway, it's not a lot different. I do miss our Friday night out at the movies, but plenty to watch at home. Enjoy your anime!

Heather R. Holden said...

As a freelancer with no social life, my life is nearly the same as before. I'm just more panicky the rare times I need to pick up groceries and prescriptions, heh. Glad to hear you have a job that can be done from home, even if adjusting to the new lifestyle is tricky. And that's a fun list of things to do--well, except for maybe the cleaning, haha! Good luck!