November Review


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I honestly did not mean to take the month off, so let me provide an update at least!

November did fly by, in my defense. I attended Dover's First Friday on the 5th and was able to sell many of my books. I hope to sell the rest of the Downtown Dover Partnership at the December event. The publisher is currently in the process of changing the cover to try to gain more attention and buyers, so we'll see how that works out.

Since creating a Seller's Account on Fiverr, I've completed 2 bio editing gigs, and I've edited a bio and a letter for two band directors in Tennessee (those were free, because they were for my friend, but I'll take the exposure any day)! I may even be working with the second customer on her book in the next few months. I really love editing, so I'm hoping this is the start of switching my career. I've been applying to things a little more frequently and even applying to things I think I might not have the full qualifications for. You never know until you try.

So, my mom's house is trying to fall apart before my sister and I can leave it. On the bright side, the repairs will increase the value of the home. On the down side, we have to fix the stuff before we can leave! We wanted to move this September, but we weren't looking that hard. I haven't even started packing. We will see how that works out as well.

On a Thanksgiving note, while I do celebrate, I do it strictly for the fact that it has been the time my family gets together to eat and enjoy each other after my Pop-pops death in '98. This year, I want to acknowledge that for Indigenous Americans, it is a day of mourning. There was no "First Thanksgiving." There was a breach of a treaty and a massacre. It's sad that we've been taught differently, but the victor always gets to tell the history (have you ever asked someone from England why the Puritans came over here in the first place? The answer will surprise you). Please take some time to educate yourself this week on what really happened to the Indigenous people and how it continues to affect their throughout the country, and even the continent.

See you in December!

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