Tuesday Tales: The Lesson

*This post occurred before I changed the WIP title.*

Tuesdays are the day I have set aside to get my creative mind rolling by writing flash fiction. For the time being, these stories will be set in Teorre, the world of my current WIP, The Crystal Bearer.

Googling writing prompts returns a lot of options, and if you know me, you know I like to keep it simple, so I visited creativewritingprompts.com and hovered over their many numbers until I found one I wanted to try. Creative Writing Prompt #27 said to write a story about an empty glass, and I instantly thought of a good flash fiction for this. So away we go!

The Lesson

“You can do it, Devi,” Manael said to his son, pacing slowly behind him to watch.

Devien tensed his jaw as he focused again on the empty glass. Minutes had passed, but the crystals in his hands remained dormant, not one shred of light sparking within them. He smacked the table and stood back.

“How am I supposed to be an elder like you if I can’t even make water?” he asked.

Manael chuckled. “You are only five years old, son. Worry about making six.”

Devien grumbled under his breath. He was too serious for a child, but his father understood he was to blame. Manael had been just the same at Devien’s age. Had it not been for his own father, he would have never learned to lighten up. It was up to him to do the same for his son.

“Come here,” Manael said and crouched down to meet his dejected child. “Close your eyes and take a long, deep breath.” Devien pursed his lips, and his little eyebrows drew together. “Go on. Do as I say.” Devien closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “You cannot do this on your own. You need to channel Teorre’s Energy, feel it all around you…but before that, there is something you must do.”

In one quick move, he scooped his son up into his hands and swung him through the air. Devien gasped and opened his eyes wide, but it had the desired effect. Devien laughed, his large eyes closing again but with sheer, youthful mirth. Manael laughed, too, happy to see the smile on his son’s face. He set Devien back on his feet and cuffed his shoulders.

“You must relax. Now try again.”

Devien nodded, turned to the empty glass, and put his hands on the table. He took a deep breath and sighed, took another deep breath and sighed again. Manael resumed his slow pacing behind his son, but he stopped when a dim light flickered in Devien’s crystals. First one drop of water formed inside the glass, then another, and more until a small rainstorm filled the glass. Devien looked to his father with wide eyes and an even wider smile.

“I did it!” he said as he ran to Manael for a big hug.

“Yes, you did,” Manael said. He kissed the top of his head and patted his back. “Well done.”


Heather R. Holden said...

Ooh, this is great! Love how creative you got with an otherwise mundane prompt. The end made me smile... :)

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Thanks! :D