Final Fantasy Friday: The Evolution of Summons

So many games, so little money.

2016 is shaping up to be the year Square FINALLY puts out Final Fantasy XV.

But seriously, though, ever since they put out a little bit of the game play which shows you what summoning looks like in this game, I've been dying to get my hands on whatever console I need to actually play it.

What do I mean by summoning, you ask? Summons (aka eidolons, aeons) are mystical beasts which are first seen in Final Fantasy III. In a few of the games (III, IV, V, IX, and X), you need a summoner to call them. FFX has my favorite look, but here is what a summoner looks like in games III and V.
Aren't they cute?
LOL at these.
I do see how they still maintained a certain look throughout the other games. FFX used many variations and the same color schemes of these two models.

Early incarnations of summons were just a 2D immovable beast that did its power and disappeared. Here's what the first ones looked like (Pay special attention to the third summon Ramuh.): Click Me. 

For the most part, this is what summoning used to look like (this is FFVI):

Beginning with FFVII, summons began to be more visual, the characters fading out of the way as one materializes and does a devastating attack on an enemy. In FFX, Summoner Yuna stayed with the aeons to guide their attacks.

In FFXV, THIS is what summoning looks like (Note: It starts when the sky changes):

What a difference two decades make! I'm so in love with the way this looks, and I NEED THIS GAME. (My cousin also pointed out to me that the head of Ramuh's staff is Ixion, the thunder/lightning aeon used in FFX, my favorite game of the franchise! GENIUUUUS!!)

Okay, enough fangirling.

Chances are we'll be snowed in this weekend over here in Delaware, so I'll probably replay an FF game while I have the time. Be safe, everyone!

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