IWSG: I Should Be Writing

Brought to us by Alex J. Cavanaugh,
sensei and founder of the Insecure Writer's Support Group.

I am writing this a week ahead because my dates were all discombobulated, and I thought January started already, but hey...

While my current MS is in CP mode, I've been doing a lot of extra reading (by extra, I mean I've passed my goal on Goodreads), but I haven't done that much writing. I've been wavering back and forth on it, but I plan on doing some writing in 2016. I have many stories I've already started and one I've written like 1/4 of a scene for, but that I have ideas for, just need to flesh them out. I'm anxious about it, but writing is almost always what I set out to do, so I need to hold on for dear life.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! :)

    And yeh on surpassing your Goodreads goal! I managed to make mine but barely.

  2. I trust this will be your best writing year ever.

  3. I think that reading is a good investment. I spent last spring reading a TON of YA because I was feeling like I didn't know what was good and what the standard was anymore after years of writing and beta reading it more than actually consuming. I think it refilled the coffers. But ALSO good for you getting back to it!

  4. Good luck! Write much and eat cheese along the way. Or chocolate. Whichever keeps you working.

  5. Good luck! Every little bit of writing counts. :)

  6. You go girl. Baby steps. Writing a few words every day amounts to a lot of words by the end of the month!

  7. good luck and happy new year! I know all about starting a million different stories and finishing... er ... 2 or 3 ... :-(

  8. I'm FIRMLY convinced that when the Muse is ready, Deb, you will know and then it's full speed ahead :)

    Best wishes for a happy, prosperous and successful writing year :)

  9. Congrats on surpassing that reading goal! Reading is a vital part of writing (or so I keep telling myself). I've started taking notes when I notice certain character developments or plot problems or other tidbits which other writers do well or totally mess up on. Don't ask me if it helps though. I read too much and wrote too little last year too. ;)

  10. Good luck!
    And not sure why your posts aren't appearing in my Feedly Reader right now. Will have to fix that.

    1. Something's wrong with Google, I think. My follow gadget stopped working, too. Glad you found me, though! :D

  11. Best of luck with all the writing you plan to do! I'm determined to get more done creatively this year, as well. Hopefully 2016 ends up being a productive year all-around!

  12. Sounds like a Bee Gee's song. "You should be Writing, yeah."

  13. Good luck! Pick a winner and finish it, then pick the next winner and repeat process.

  14. Good luck. I think writers beat themselves up if they don't put so many hours or so many words into their computers. But a big part of writing is daydreaming the stories in our heads, and for me that does not always happen in front of the computer screen.

  15. Hi Deb!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I made my Goodreads challenge last year.
    Besides the entertainment and educational value, reading is a good way to keep the muse on her toes.
    Happy New Year!
    Michelle@Writer In Transit
    January co-host.


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