Wednesday Words: Stop it, Dreams.

This is a short one, as I'm still reading about Dunk and Egg, but I had this really neat dream the night before last, most likely prompted by my finishing Jessica Jones this weekend (amazing!). There were mutants and a lab, and a young mutant who could slip through door cracks. Brock O'Hurn was my boyfriend (giggle). Google him if you don't know who he is. He had super strength and hearing. I can't remember what my name was, but his was Luke AND Brock for some reason.

I was at his mom's apartment with him and his sister but was leaving for somewhere. I went into the stairwell, started to get anxious, and whispered, "Brock, can you still hear me?" When I went back to see if he did, he opened the apartment door, and I said, "Sorry, just checking."

This is why I think it was part of a movie: I knew that once I got outside, I was most likely going to be attacked. My alarm went off before that point, but I knew that that was why I got scared in the stairwell.

Soooo, sounds like the beginning of another story. Which is good. My mind is still working. At the same time, remember I have 3 (2) other stories that are swirling in my head? Lord, the work of a writer is never done.

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