Tuesday Tales: Finding a Happy Place

Hey, it's my birthday!!

But blogs need to be posted, so away I go (I've scheduled this anyway).

Some time ago, I opened up the floor for readers to ask questions of my characters. I ran out of them, and so I found a website filled with questions from the Gotham Character Course called The Writer's Toolbox. Interesting questions, so I thought I would start with this one: Where [do you go when you are] angry?

Who wants to answer?

Cyan: ...Why are you looking at me?

Brodie: I was wondering if you do go anywhere. You always seem angry.

Ghuli*: I used to lock myself in my room and throw my pillows about. It did nothing but exhaust me, and I would fall asleep.

Brodie: I like to go out and shoot at painted targets. It helps curb my need to shoot the real ones.

Cyan: I am not always angry, thank you.

Brodie: Did what I said anger you, Cyan?

Ghuli: Cyan has a short temper, but it's short-lived as well. His general disposition is more...frustrated than angry.

Cyan: I can answer for myself...'Tis a little embarrassing, howbeit...I sit in the corner.

Ghuli: When we were younger, Sir Aleksandyr used to make me leave the room when he did that...I suppose it was because I was usually to blame.

Cyan: This is true, but I sat in corners before you were of walking age. It has always helped me clear my head and calm down.

Brodie: ...Is that why you were sitting there the other day?

Cyan: You were why I was sitting there the other day.

They're quite a pair.

*This post occurred before I changed Ghuli's name to Jonnie*


  1. LOL. Cyan made me laugh today. Brodie can definitely grate on someone's nerves with this conversation.

    1. Hehe I like to write exchanges between the two of them.

  2. Happy Birthday! ~\o/~

    And LOL, love seeing your characters interact in their attempt to answer this question. So fun!

  3. Happy Birthday! Great exchange too. Has me giggling :)