Oh, Shoot. I'm supposed to post.

Expect a Post Each Wednesday!

Week 2 - Wednesday Words
Week 3 - Writing Update
Week 4 - Monthly Review
Week 5 - Quarterly Goals
 All right, I'm failing already. Great start.
For the past few months I've only posted during IWSG, and that's been a big help. However, I do miss posting, so I'm going to try this new schedule.

Today is technically supposed to be a Wednesday Words day, but I forgot my book, so I thought I could at least take this time to say that I will be posting weekly again:
Starting in February, the 2nd Wednesday of the month will be to share with you what book I'm currently reading, but for this month, that will be next week.
Consider this week my writing update, which will be the 3rd Wednesday starting in February.

The 4th Wednesday will usually be the last Wednesday of the month, so I will provide what is hopefully a positive review of my progress.

The 5th Wednesdays fall at the beginning of the quarter this year, so I will be establishing some goals for myself for the three months that follow it. January's in particular will be my goal of reaching my Kickstarter goal for my book cover (squee).

Have a great week!


Heather R. Holden said...

Best of luck with your new blogging schedule! Love the themes you've chosen for these posts. ^_^

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds like a plan!