Wednesday, August 2, 2017

IWSG: Happy August!

I almost forgot it was time for IWSG! Last month went by so quickly.

I had a very chill birthday with a road trip to Tennessee before it and a trip to our state's only ramen shop after it. I didn't even have cake. But mochi ice cream is amazing.

We're at the halfway point of Agent Query Connect's Speculative Fiction Group's Summer Marathon, and I can't believe the things I've been able to change in my manuscript. It's inspiring. I hope this is my last draft before an agent says yes, though.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their July. I miss it already...but I don't miss the heat.

This month's optional question is: What are your pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?

I hate coming across something when editing that not only is a continuity error but that I have to do a huge overhaul on a portion of the story to fix. It makes me mad at myself. I had to take an entire scene out of my story because of a very obvious geographical error I made on a world I made up. Who does that?!

Feel free to join us in this blog hop at the IWSG Website and be sure to visit our lead Ninja Alex J. Cavanaugh and the co-hosts for the month. Hope to see some of you soon!


  1. I guess you do that! Bummer. Hope the manuscript is polished and it rocks an agent's socks off.
    Glad you had a good birthday.
    I'm ready for the heat to end...

    1. Thank you! I only JUST now got to go to the beach, so I could use another month of heat, as long as I don't burn.

  2. I almost forgot about IWSG, too! I was about to go to bed last night when I remembered, then had to boot up my computer and bust out a post.
    Glad you enjoyed your birthday!

  3. Most likely all of us in some way! But it's always better that you or your editor finds it than a reader! :)

  4. I will not miss the heat either. I'm looking forward to the fall. Happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday. :)

  5. I'm so glad the heat is over...hopefully, not coming back. Glad you had a nice birthday! As to major reworks during editing...ugh. It happens.