Tuesday Tales: Love on the Hill

*This post occurred before I changed the WIP title.*

Happy December!

Tuesdays are the day I have set aside to get my creative mind rolling by writing flash fiction. For the time being, these stories will be set in Teorre, the world of my current WIP, The Crystal Bearer. This week, I used 30 Flash Fiction Prompts to help me pick one that stood out to me. The story below is a love story, part of a look into the past of a minor character who appears later in my WIP but is mentioned early. I'm also dabbling with a story for him, but we'll see what comes of it. 13: Write a story that deals with or includes some aspect of a taboo.

Love on the Hill

Grey marched hard and fast up to the temple. He didn’t care who he frightened. He was certain the smallfolk in his path feared his determined frown, but he needed her to know, consequences be damned. The angry words they exchanged were greatly overshadowed by their kiss or the fear in her eyes when she claimed it was wrong, that they simply couldn’t do it. She was a hillsprite, and he was a hulktroll. The races simply did not engage in that way.

Grey no longer cared.

He burst through the doors and up the stairs to the library. The scholar looked up with surprised, yet worried, eyes.

“Why, Grey,” Darius said. “What brings you back here?”

“I need to speak with Shadlyn,” Grey said, his voice firm despite his organs losing solidity inside him.

“She went to fetch herbs. She should be back any minute.”

Darius’s words were to Grey’s back by then, for he had turned and left to hurry back down the stairs. The Humans and Sprites whom he had startled on the way into the temple still stood there practically dumbfounded and backed away when Grey returned. He skidded to a halt as Shadlyn and two other nursemaids walked through the temple doors. When her large, emerald green eyes caught his, she stopped as well, a flush creeping into her cheeks.

“I don’t care who hears this,” Grey said loudly. “I love you, Shadlyn.” The nursemaid to Shadlyn’s right quickly caught the basket that slipped from Shadlyn’s suddenly limp hands. “That you are a Sprite and I a Trollic isn’t going to change that.”

The shocked eyes all around--staring first up at this crazy Trollic in the middle of a busy foyer declaring his love for her, then down to her for her response--became a blur for Shadlyn. Her heart pounded rapidly in her ears, and her body trembled. When she blinked, she realized Grey was approaching her. He knelt in front of her and reached up to cup her now wet face.

But his touch calmed her.

“I love you,” he said again, his silver eyes looking back and forth into hers. “And I know you love me, too.” Shadlyn held Grey’s hands in place against her skin.

One of Darius’s assistants hesitated, but he took three uneasy steps closer. “You know the scholar will have to notify the Council and Sprityn King.”

“And?” Grey shot a look at the Human that made him cower back to from wherever he had come. Then, he looked back to Shadlyn. “Let them start another war to try to keep us apart. I’ve nearly died for you twice now. I’ll do it a third time.”

Shadlyn laughed in the midst of her astonished tears and leaned down to rest her forehead against Grey’s. The murmurs around them were a low buzz to her ears as his thumbs wiped her cheeks clear. It was madness. She knew this. She knew Grey knew this. She knew if she looked around, there would be more than a few horrified Sprityn eyes staring at her.

But Sprites had looked at her that way before, for helping this very same Trollic, and she survived.

“I love you, too.”

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