Wednesday Words: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Happy Hump Day!

First, I want to say if you're an Octavia Butler fan, I've posted my unofficial sequel to her last novel Fledgling, on my blog. There's a tab above for it now, if you'd like to take a gander (I want to insert some kind of joke, but I'm not that talented).

Secondly, it's Wednesday, the day set aside to share with you all what I'm reading (usually). I didn't finish my last read--there were a lot of problems with it that I just could not keep ignoring--so I moved on to something I really wanted to read.

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl was a Youtube series I started watching 2-ish years ago on a wait in an airport. I was laughing for at least an hour. If you're an awkward person, you'll really understand it, and if you're--like me--an awkward black girl, then you'll totally understand it. Issa Rae is my spirit animal. The series won 2012 Best Shorty Award, and the book, which I'm currently reading, was nominated for Goodreads Memoir of the Year 2015 and, as you can see, is a New York Times Bestseller. As someone who grew up in a predominantly white area before moving to a more diverse state, reading Issa Rae's book so far is a warped mirror of my life!

There are 200 pages in this book, and using to pick a page, it has chosen page 47, so let me see what was there.

But at some level, as each new model for social media strives to connect us in new, paradoxically estranged ways, there exists a consistent core, the human desire to feel included. Whether you're an awkward black girl or an irritated disabled stripper, everyone should have the opportunity to feel represented in some way.

I'm sure you went, "Wait, what?" lol It's a long story. As a drummer girl for Writer Inclusively, that chapter had a lot of chords to strike with me on the subject, and I tweeted some of the moments that you should be able to find to the right, if I haven't yet tweeted up a storm.

Reading anything good this week?

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