Wednesday Words: Hereafter (2nd ed.)

It's Wednesday! This is the day I've set aside to share with you all what I'm reading (unless I want to share what I'm writing). I'm still reading Issa Rae's hilarious memoir, but I needed to stop to read the 2nd edition of the awesome Terri Bruce's Hereafter for a goal she's trying to reach by the 20th to do a giveaway.

If you follow Terri, you know she went through HELL with her original publisher during the release of the sequel Thereafter, and as she has come out of that and was able to re-publish both books with these new PERFECT covers (I hated the original cover), I'm so happy for her. Whereafter is soon to come, and NOTHING is going to stop me from getting it on release day!

SO using, I will be sharing a few lines from a random page. There are 369 pages, and Random has selected page 71, so here we go.

She took her eyes off the road long enough to shoot him a dark look. "Yeah, okay, whatever, with you so far. Here's me, overcoming obstacles and traveling to the land of the dead. Got it."

Jonah twisted around to look at the backseat. "Which reminds me, you didn't pack anything."

I love these two so much.

What are you reading?


Heather R. Holden said...

Wow, that's a shame how her original publisher ended up being such a headache. Glad she was able to re-publish elsewhere, though! That new cover is so stunning, for sure...

Tonja Drecker said...

Glad she found a way to get re-published and out of a bad situation. Looks great!