Final Fantasy Friday: The FFXV Trailer

I didn't want to go another week without posting on Friday! This has been a long, fulfilling week! I hope everyone had a great one.

We're drawing nearer and nearer to the release of Final Fantasy XV, and I'm so excited! I thought I would share the trailer to at least get my Friday posts rolling again. So, enjoy!


  1. That trailer was amazing. Funny enough my two verbal reactions were:
    1. "Chocobo!"
    2. Laughing close to the two minute mark when I saw another chocobo.

    Apparently I really like chocobos. Am I even saying it right? Have not played FF in a while. That video was epic though. Thanks for sharing Deb and enjoy your Friday.

    1. LOL! CHOKE-uh-BO is how I say it.

      You're welcome!