Tuesday Tales: Cyan Takes Over!

This is a continuation of answers from my characters to Mr. Alex J. Cavanaugh's question: What do you think of the other characters? Last week, my main character Ghuli* answered. This week, we get to hear from her 1st Lt. Watchman, Cyan.

(She's short, but he's over 7 feet tall.)

I told them I don't have time to answer these questions, but I guess I'll do it, if they'll leave me alone. Humans.

Hello, Sir Alex.

I guess I shall start with Ghuli*. This is something she would do, after all. Ghuli likes to stay busy, which makes her hard to watch at times. Howbeit, I know she does it with the hopes of forgetting her worries for a time. Overall, she means well, I guess.

Laris is a good man. He will be a good king one day. He always has a wise word. He is a great swordsman, though he likes his crossbow more. He tells Ghuli way too many stories. I don't know how he knows so many.

Brodie doesn't seem to like me, which makes for obnoxious times with her. Ghuli likes her, howbeit, so I believe I am stuck with her. I will say she is very smart. She retains a lot of information on both The Scholarship and The Watch. 'Tis the first time we have met a scholar who is also a watchman. She seems the type who would do it.

Andyrsn keeps trying to get me to play cards with him, and it aggravates me. What do they do on Viveno Island all day? I'm not yet sure what to make of him. Half of what he says seems to be sarcastic. I don't know whether I should punch him or not. Ghuli may not appreciate it anyway...but that is just another reason why I want to.

So, it was a little hard to get a non-Cyan answer from Cyan, but next week, Laris will answer, and he's a little more open. :)

Thanks again, Alex!

*This post occurred before I changed Ghuli's name to Jonnie*