Tuesday Tales: Brodie and Andyrsn Take Over!

*This post occurred before I changed the WIP title and Ghuli's name to Jonnie*

A couple of months ago now, I put out a call for questions for the characters in my WIP The Crystal Bearer. Alex J. Cavanaugh, sensei, asked my characters: Here's a question that I saw a couple years ago and it really helped. Applies to all of them. What do you think of the other characters?

I can't thank him enough for asking. It saved me from thinking too hard for the past few weeks. haha

As it's the end of the month, I would like to start the next month with a new question, so I'm going to go ahead and force Brodie to endure Andyrsn long enough for them to share the same space.

First, I would like to point out that I disagree with the space sharing.
You're such a brat, Brodie. Just answer the question.

B: Hello, Alex. I have been asked to inform you that your name in the Sprityn tongue is Alxadris, pronounced Al-shah-dris, which means strong fighter. We spell your name differently here.

A: It was also my dad's name. Weird to see it spelled the way you do, but cool.

B: I met Ghuli under strange circumstances, but it has turned out for the best for both of us, I believe. She is being hit with a lot at the moment, so I have seen her at some of her highest points and some of her lowest. She is always thinking, and if she gets too deeply into her thoughts, it is hard to pull her back. She is unpredictable at times, but she is a teenager.

A: You will notice how Brodie always speaks as though she is older than Teorre's Energy.

B: Shut. Up.

A: Seriously, though, Ghuli is almost as proper, but she was raised by my dad, so she has a little Viveno Island spunk. It's kinda weird to see the many influences from her world and mine blended into each other. She's really serious sometimes, but other times, she is light and easily excitable. Her laugh is priceless. She appreciates good humor.

B: Does she.

A: Silence, Human.

B: Cyan is...well, he's a Trollic. Fortunately not a typical one, because he was also raised by Sir Aleksandyr, so some good came of that.

A: Thanks?

B: He is very protective of Ghuli, a detriment as much as it is an advantage. He's extremely stubborn and disagreeable.

A: Sounds familiar. Cyan's a watchman's watchman. He's focused solely on Ghuli's safety, so there's really no arguing with him about it. He's really intense, kinda scary, but I think he means well.

B: At any rate, we finally met Prince Laris. I never thought I would leave Eastward Village, let alone meet the Sprityn Prince. He is so nice. He always has an uplifting view on things.

A: I do like Laris. He's really cool. And he knows a lot of different variations of card games, which is good when you're traveling and Cyan has not a word to say.

B: Andyrsn cannot handle silence.

A: No, I can't. Brodie and I grew up together, and she knows my family is loud. It proves we're alive.

B: You keep telling yourself that. To be fair for a moment, Andyrsn is a very good person. He is a pest, and he loves to pull pranks. However, he is a strong fighter, and he is resilient. I enjoyed training along side of him.

A: Wow...Thanks, Brodie. See? She can be very nice when she wants to be.

B: And the moment is over.

A: No, but really. Brodie's the youngest in her family, like me, and she's got a lot to live up to which, putting it bluntly, sucks pricklebushes. As a scholar, I mean, she's probably the best because she's naturally smart, but as a watchman? Watch. Out.

B: You just had to make a pun.

A: I couldn't help it. Sorry. But seriously, she's an awesome fighter. I've never been more exhausted from sparring with any of our other co-trainees. I still know some guys who are scared of you.

B: Well, they should be.

A: Here we go.


*giggle* Thanks again, Alex!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Funny! Proves you're alive all right.
Strong fighter. I'll take that.
Been a great series, Debra.