Fast Five Friday: Flashback!

Happy Friday!

The Cover GirlsDani and Jax, created Fast Five Fridays for us to list our 5 favorites of the week's topic if we like.Today, I'm actually jumping back to July, because I've been slacking on reading blogs and missed a couple questions I could have answered. So let's do the time warp!

July 5th - 5 Top Soundtracks:
Spice World (don't judge me)
Purple Rain
Forrest Gump
Beauty & The Beast (I listened to that thing so much when I was a kid)

July 19th - 5 Things You Want To Accomplish Before The Year Is Up:
Getting an agent
Getting a book deal
Buying Final Fantasy XV
Buying a PS4 to play FF XV lol
Get to my goal weight

How about you?


Heather R. Holden said...

Would never judge you for Spice World! And you have lots of great goals for the year. Best of luck with all of them!

Dani and Jax said...

I love your lists- we have similar choices on most of them. Very cool! Thanks for participating in FFF! <3 Jax