Fast Five Friday

Brought to you by Dani and Jax, the Cover Girls!

I didn't do Fast Five last Friday, so I'm going to go ahead and do it now. Woot! Dani and Jackie would like to know "5 things you wish you knew how to do."

A back-flip
Drive like they do in Tokyo Drift
A front stroke
Sew better
Writer faster

In other news: Dover Comic Con starts tonight, and I can't wait! I wanted to dress up as Zoe from Firefly/Serenity, but I didn't have time to get that all together. Really, I just need a wine-colored button-down shirt, gun holster, fake gun, and a wig, but...Ah well. lol Maybe next year.


Heather R. Holden said...

I can relate so well to "write faster." (For me, though, it'd be more like "draw faster." LOL.)

And how exciting about Dover Comic Con! Hope you have fun!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Oh yeah doing a back flip would be awesome. I have a severe driving anxiety so I never bother learning to drive. Yeah I need to learn how to swim, like seriously. Sewing would be a nice hobby and write faster would ease my writing life. Nice list Deb.

Crystal Collier said...

You'd make an awesome Zoe! I'm with you on writing faster. Actually, I wish I could just transfer everything in my brain on the page. Then we'd be all good.

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Aw, thanks! :D