Quarterly Goals: Kickstarter Campaign!

My Kickstarter is LIVE!

It's the 5th Wednesday of the month, which I have set aside for goals I want to achieve in the upcoming months.

As you can see above, I've launched a Kickstarter to commission an artist to create the cover art for my YA Fantasy Fractured Princess. Self-publishing was an idea I've had and been encouraged to do for years, but I at least wanted to try to get into the traditional publishing world. Query rejections were as far as I've gotten, so as I've said before, I'm taking control back into my hands.

There is more information below if you'd like to contribute to the art. The campaign will be live for 45 days, so you have time to consider if you can't contribute right away.

Thank you in advance!


  1. That's very cool! Hope you hit your target.

  2. Oh, how exciting! Best of luck reaching your Kickstarter goal!

  3. Good luck with your Kickstarter goal. Hope it helps you follow your dream.

  4. Hi Deb,

    Also sending you best wishes for the Kickstarter. I see there's five weeks to go, so will hopefully be able to help before it's too late!!

    1. Thank you! You actually can at any time. You don't get charged until both the project is funded and the deadline is reached.