Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Series: WIP Joy Questions Pt. 3

These are not only fun, but they certainly get my brain thinking, and because I schedule them, I don't have to wake up to do them. Eyyy...Back to the questions. haha

11. A favorite line about emotion from your WIP.

He gazed around at the quarters still being doused in water by work hands and lost his breath at the thought of Ghuli being in the grips of pain, in the midst of everything before his eyes.

12. A scene you deleted but you love anyway (sadness!).

There was a battle scene that inevitably didn't make sense per location. The crew was chased down by a Trollic version of the coast guard, and a fight ensued between Laris, Cyan and a paratrooper. He starts strangling Laris, basically breaks Cyan's face, and doesn't notice Brodie shooting at him with a bullet that turns him to stone. The imagery was great, but I realized they wouldn't have run into the guards in the direction they were going, so NIX.

13. A piece of feedback that made you smile.

My friend's mom (an early beta reader and #1 fan lol) said the story is too short, and she wanted me to expand on a lot.

14. How do you want the target audience to be affected by this story?

I want this to be something they'll love, and that they'll read more times than once, and cosplay at conventions!

15. Is there an animal you love in your book?

When I was a kid, I used to have dreams about a white tiger protecting me or that I'd escape on. I actually had one before I started writing this story, so I incorporated white, stripeless, tiger-like beasts I call leonines into the story that protect Ghuli at times.

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