A Change with Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

So, as I normally do, I got bored. This time, it was with writing flash fiction. I also began revising my WIP full force, so I want to focus on that for a few days. I have a beta reader in waiting, and I'm sort of contemplating entering the DVPit Contest Beth Phelan is hosting in April, so I want this project to be polished and "approved" by then.

SO (I say "so" a lot), I'll probably be checking in on Tuesdays just to clear my head and annoy y'all that way. Fun times.

If you did read any of my Tales, I certainly thank you. Some of them were phoned in, but I wanted to stick with it for as long as possible. I guess it's now time to move on from it.

Or, hey, maybe I'll find something else to do on Saturdays. I'm really enjoying doing Saturday Series. We'll see, because those would DEFINITELY need to be scheduled ahead of time.