IWSG: Where AM I?

Brought to us by Alex J. Cavanaugh,
sensei and founder of the Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Well, I'm totally behind the ball today.

I was actually coming here extremely late in the day to do my weekly Wednesday Words and then noticed the people I follow were posting IWSG posts, and "Oh, crap."

First of all, happy happy February, all! I hope everyone who is doing contests this year has a great time. I don't plan on joining you this year.

At the moment, my WIP is at a standstill. I think this is a test of patience, because something has always happened when I trade it for critiquing. Either the match is HORRIBLE, or the person on the other end suddenly takes forever to get back my chapters. The last time it happened, the person didn't really have much of an excuse, so I broke off the match. This time, unfortunately, my person is going through some really serious personal things, and I can't abandon her. We've hit it off extremely well, and I want us to keep going until she says she just can't.

Speaking of said WIP, however, my mind will NOT let this sequel idea GO! I truly believe in not working on a sequel if you don't even have an agent for the original, and I had goals in my head that this book would be a one-stop-shop, and I'd be on another story. How did this happen?!

So I'm all aflutter right now. Someone save me.


  1. Well, if you're at a standstill, might as well work on it. Besides, if a publisher wants to sign you and asks if there are more books, you can say yes!

  2. Hope you and your critique partner get together soon. On three of my series, I had the second book started or written before I found a publisher for the book. Like you, the story just wanted to get out.

  3. Hang in there! You'll figure it out and everything will settle down. Listen to what your stories want to do....

  4. LOL, muses are far too in love with sequels, I've learned. (When I was younger, I'd actually work on--and sometimes finish--sequels before the first book was even done. Younger me was crazy, obviously.) Good luck resisting the urge to work on a sequel for your WIP!

  5. Well working on a sequel gives you a back list for your readers, which generates income, and something to show a publish if they ask to see something else--just a thought.

    Finding someone you like and get along with is big. Life happens to all of us, so we have to learn to roll with, but I am sure if you could not wait the person would probably understand. Just remember them for the next one, when things are easier for them. Anyway wishing you the best, Happy Belated IWSG Day
    Juneta Writer's Gambit