Saturday Series: WIP Joy Questions Pt. 4

Welcome back to the Saturday Series! Let's keep this going.

16. Some sights to see in your WIP.

Beaches, palaces, mountain ranges, woodland beaches!

17. Some sounds to be heard in your WIP.

Airship propellers, crystal swords clashing, underwater trauma! (Wait, what?)

18. Some scents smelled in your WIP.

Ocean water, pine, winter air, burnt things!

19. Some tastes/flavors shown in your WIP.

 Sour, tangy, sugary sweet, gamy, spicy!

20. Some touches/textures experienced in your WIP.

Cast iron, splintered wood, wool, sativa*, roughspun cotton**!

I was going to add 21, but these were the senses, so, I'll leave them be. See you next week!

(*Hemp (wearing, not smoking), **Jeans)

1 comment:

Heather R. Holden said...

Fun! Looks like there's lots of cool things to experience in your WIP... :)