Saturday Series: WIP Joy Questions Pt. 5

We are on the 5th week of these WIP Joy questions, and we're almost done! These have been fun. Let's dive in!

21. You'd love for your book to be made into a [movie/TV show/radio drama/etc.] because...

If you follow me on Twitter and have a great memory, you've seen me say many times that I have a song or actor already picked out "for the movie for the book I haven't published yet." I'm a very visual person, and I've always seen this book getting adapted into a film. Writing for Film/TV was my major once upon a time, as well, so I would love to be in on the writing of the script. It would probably be wise of me to start one.

22. Most epic thing about your WIP.

It's an homage to Final Fantasy. There are tropes that many may not get but hopefully appreciate, but I wouldn't have gotten as far with this story as I did without those games. I guess that counts as epic?

Also, heroes of color! Females on the front lines! I think I passed the Bechdel test. :)

23. Advice given to you that made your WIP better.

It was said more as a grumble with a lot of exclamation points, but not to stray from the plot for side stories. It made the piece much tighter.

24. Advice you ignored because you know your WIP best!

The same person said to get rid of the romance. Pfft. It's actually pretty light on romance, and I made it that way on purpose. I didn't want it too heavy, but I wanted it to be there, so it stays. So there.

25. Shout-out to some people who have encouraged you in writing your WIP!

Oh gosh, well, my friend's mom, who is waiting eagerly for a copy. A bus driver who when I said I majored in English actually DIDN'T say "You want to be a teacher?" but actually knew I wanted to be a writer without me having to correct him. So many people on Twitter and Blogger.

26. You love your WIP's genre because...

The possibilities for fantasy stories (despite the status quo) are endless. If you can dream it, you can write it.

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Heather R. Holden said...

Your WIP sounds epic, for sure! As for fantasy, I love it for all its possibilities, too. Looking forward to your answers for the rest of these questions! :)