Wednesday Words...WAS Reading: Ooku: The Inner Chambers Vol. 1

So, I finished the book I was reading last night, and as I haven't yet started a new one, I figured I would share a little about this one!

Ooku: The Inner Chambers, written and illustrated by Fumi Yoshinaga, is a manga series that initially seems to be about a young man, Mizuno Yunoshin, who is unable to marry the love of his life because of their differing social statuses, so to avoid marrying someone else, he joins the Ooku.

[An Ooku, in short, is a harem of young men owned by the Shogun. A mysterious small-pox-like disease wiped out most of the men in the country, so they are seen as rare, delicate commodities. Only the Shogun, the most powerful woman in the country, can have this harem of men.]

When Yunoshin gets there, he learns things aren't as glamorous as they seem, not only picked on the moment he steps foot inside, but also nearly gang raped in the middle of the night. (Hey, there aren't any girls around; what do you expect us men to do?!) He holds his own and gains notoriety for his honorable demeanor. Then, crazier things ensue, and the Ooku is seemingly about to be turned upside down by the newest Shogun.

I usually pick a page using, but I'm already done the book, and so it's not with me with right now. Instead, I will share a panel from the book and a one-page illustration that made me almost shout.

What are you reading?


Nicola said...

Sounds intriguing Deborah. I've never read anything like this before or in this style. Looking forward to seeing you at the A to Z. Have a great weekend.

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Thanks! You, too!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is reading a book similar to this right now. I'm reading a Stephen King book collection series and loving it!