Tuesday Tales: From my Characters?

So, here's a thought.

There are two things that many writers do that I have a hard time doing:

1) Character Q&A, just going down a list of questions about your characters and answering them so you know every inch of who they are. Oftentimes, the Q&As I come across seem to be more for contemporary fiction, not so much sci-fi or fantasy, so I have a hard time answering them.

2) Writing blog posts in the voice of their main characters. I struggle with pulling my MCs out of their world to have them engage in ours. Out of all the weird things I do, that feels weird to me.

Now, Tuesdays were supposed to be for flash fiction, but as I moved into revision mode for my WIP, I didn't need to get my creativity working because it already was again.

BUT, as I was also using it to help you all learn some things about my WIP's setting, what if I opened it up for questions for my characters to answer? I have an MC but also a big supporting cast behind her. I feel like this would help me get in touch with my characters even more while also showing you all who they are as well.

If anyone is interested, I would absolutely appreciate it if you would just post some questions down in the comments, and I will answer them one-by-one weekly with one or more of my characters from The Crystal Bearer.

Also, so you know who they are, here is a run-down of my main and supporting characters to give a basis for questions!

Ghuli: (Princess Ghulien of the Crystal Bearers)* The last of her race, sent away by her parents before the metal army destroyed the Northern Crystal Continent when she was 11 mos. old. Raised by her Commanding Watchman, a Human named Aleksandyr (killed in combat when she was 9) and her 1st Lt., Cyan, a hulktroll. Extroverted introvert, loves to interact with new people and places, but loves to find solace in the forest.

Cyan: Ghuli's 1st Lt. Watchman, a hulktroll, orphaned by the metal army when he was 4; appointed as a Jr. Grade Lt. Watchman shortly after to watch Ghuli. Introverted, shy and quiet, but strict when it comes to Ghuli's safety. Has a temper but never reacts violently. Has a tattoo of elk antlers down his neck and right arm to commemorate his first wound as a watchman. Has a half-brother about 30 years older than him.

Laris: (Prince Laris of the Sprites) Ghuli's 2nd Lt. Watchman, appointed by Aleksandyr to help Cyan once Cyan became Ghuli's primary watchman. On Sallendum (kind of a Rumspringa) until his father passes. His brother is currently castellan. Has a wife and young son on the Sprityn bay. Extroverted but soft-spoken. Loves telling stories. Very laid-back but focused.

Brodie: A Human, from the renowned family of scholars (historians and current event record keepers). Father died in battle, mother dead. Raised by her older sisters. Joined the Watch against her eldest sister's will, point of contention between them. 2nd Lt. Watchman. Retains information very well, highly-skilled fighter. Fends off marriage proposals from eager parents. Hot-tempered but very kind-hearted. Has trouble trusting people. Introvert.

Andyrsn: A Human, Jr. Grade Lt. Watchman, son of Aleksandyr. Famous back home because of his father. Best friend of Brodie's second oldest brother. Witty, sarcastic. A prankster but good-natured and caring. Lives with his brothers to help raise his two nieces. Loves climbing trees and going surfing. Cooks. Extroverted introvert.

*This post occurred before I changed the WIP title and Ghuli's name to Jonnie*


Sarah Foster said...

Letting characters write blog posts?? That's crazy! Who would do that? ;)

Err...I'm terrible at this. I haven't had enough coffee today. What does Andyrsn like to cook? (One of my characters cooks, too, so I zoomed in on that detail). I would have more if I could find the on switch to my brain...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sarah's comment made me chuckle.
Here's a question that I saw a couple years ago and it really helped. Applies to all of them. What do you think of the other characters? (Seems to really help to view each character from the viewpoint of the other characters.)

Debra Renée Byrd said...

teehee Thanks for asking! Feel free to keep posting some if you can think of some. ;)

Debra Renée Byrd said...

That one should last me a while. lol Thanks!

Heather R. Holden said...

Love character Q&A's and posts from their POV! I've always found those fun to write, as well as fun to read, whenever other writers do 'em.

As for questions...hmm...

For Ghuli: What is it about the forest you find comforting?

For Cyan: What kind of relationship do you have with your half-brother, if any?

For Laris: What are some of your favorite stories to tell? Are there any stories you'd refuse to share with others?

For Brodie: What made you want to join the Watch?

For Andyrsn: Have any of your pranks ever backfired on you? Has anyone ever pranked you?

Debra Renée Byrd said...

Thanks so much!