Tuesday Tales: Andyrsn Takes Over!

So, I shamelessly stole Sarah A. Foster's title for her Monday Musings where Jordan Takes Over.

A couple of weeks ago, I threw it out there for readers to ask questions to my characters for them to answer. Sarah, awesomeness that she is, was the first to respond, and I have some more questions from others that I can stretch out for a while. Yay.

So, she asked:

What does Andyrsn like to cook? (One of my characters cooks, too, so I zoomed in on that detail).

So here he is to answer!


Hi, Sarah. Where I come from, we like our food one of two ways: cold and sweet or hot and spicy. The cold and sweet doesn't really take much cooking, so I'm into flame-searing whatever meats and fish I can get my hands on. My favorite dish to cook is called Flaming Chili. Not much to it, really, but you want to make sure you have a good cut of--what kind of birds do you have over there?

Anyway, get a hold of a grinder for your meat. Grind it up and season it. I like to soak mine in pre-boiled chilis and ground red pepper, but some people can't take the extra heat. While that's soaking, you want to simmer a mix of coconut milk and dried baobab. They add sweetness and a hint of citrus. You won't be disappointed, promise. Cut up a couple of tomatoes, an onion--whatever color you have over there--and a few not-so-hot peppers (or the hot ones if you lived a life with no regrets), throw them and the meat into the mix, and let it cook for however long you like. I like letting it sit for a few hours. Makes the house smell like you can eat everything in it, but once that chili's done, you won't have to!

Oh! Hey, do you guys have corn cakes? Perfect match. Not so much with a fish chili, unless you fry the fish in some kinda batter first, but with the other meats? Yeah, it hits a spot or two. :)

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Sarah Foster said...

Me, awesome? Aw shucks! :D
Sounds like a yummy recipe! I think I'd go with a safe bird like chicken, though.