Saturday Series: WIP Joy Questions Pt. 6

*This post occurred before I changed the WIP title and Ghuli's name to Jonnie*

The last leg of these questions! It's been really fun, and I hope you have enjoyed this look into my WIP, The Crystal Bearer. Here we go!

27. Share a favorite image that reminds you of your WIP.

This is Umberto Boccioni's Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. My Freshman year of college, when I was just beginning to flesh out this story, we studied this, and it inspired me regarding what exactly an Iron Giant was going to look like in my WIP.

28. Describe a character relationship you love in your story.

When I first wrote Cyan and Ghuli, I didn't expect them to build their own relationship as I revised. Probably because I don't have a brother of my own, I wasn't aware of how close these two could be. As I said in the first part of the series, Cyan's a hardass except for when it comes to Ghuli. They have a really strong bond, and I'm glad I was able to write meaningful moments between these two.

29. Why are you passionate about sharing this story?

It started out as little ramblings in my dream-world and grew to be a full-fledged story. I want to share it so people can join me in my mind and be entertained by it.

30. Why do the themes in your WIP come from your heart?

They're universal, human themes, when you get down to it. Making mistakes, growing up, being with people you love and wanting to protect them. Those are fundamental.

31. What are some things writing this story has taught you?

Some things will take more time than you want, and if you want them to be good, you have to be patient and put in the work.

Thanks so much for joining me!


Heather R. Holden said...

Cyan and Ghuli's relationship sounds so sweet!

And gosh, so true about things needing more time than you expect sometimes. I've learned that the hard way over the years, LOL.

Debra Renée Byrd said...

I'm still learning!