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It is MARCH! I can't believe it. Can you??

I feel like if I blink, it will be April. I have to finish my A to Z posts, first off. lol I think I Have 5 or 6 prepared, but there are 26 letters in the alphabet. At least there are 31--well, 29 at this point--days left for me to work on them.

I'm almost done revising my WIP and sending it to my beta reader. SO thankful for my CP, because I was able to see so many things differently this time around, even things that didn't make sense. I have a goal to leave no room for questions that could have been answered in the pages.

On the "normal" front, I have a job interview in two weeks for an Administrative Assistant III at the Cardiac Cath Lab in the hospital. I've been trying to get a job at the hospital for so long, and I was pleasantly surprised to finally get a call, especially now that one of my roommates just moved out, and I don't know if the job I have now plans on making me full time. I told my manager and the manager I've been helping since her admin left that I have an interview, and they're very supportive. If that doesn't make them at least discuss making me full time, then it will certainly be their loss, as they'll be down another admin.

Also here's this for a coincidence and/or ordainment by God, lol: My interview is 1 day shy of 2 years after I started my current job.

Wish me luck!! See you all in a few.


  1. Good luck with the interview! I just got a job at a hospital a few months ago.
    And good luck getting your A to Z posts done. I should probably start planning mine...maybe...

    1. lol Thanks, and congratulations! I remember when you were planning on getting another job. :D

  2. Good luck. I hope it all works out for you and that you still have time for writing!
    Mary at Play off the Page

    IWSG co-host. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  3. Good luck! And great work with your WIP. :)

  4. Oh, best of luck with the job interview! I never fail to be a bundle of nerves the rare times I have one of those. Hope it goes well for you!

  5. Congrats on almost completing your WIP! That's great! And wishing you lots of luck with the interview. If it's meant to be, it will happen! Look forward to seeing you in the A to Z Challenge. I'm not getting very far with my prep but at least I've made a start.

  6. Whichever way it works out, that's good! Full time would be great.
    I have most of my Challenge posts written because I know how fast April will sneak up on us...

  7. Go girl! Sounds like you're on a roll. Wish you luck with whichever job you end up with! Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Good luck with the interview. And you're right, it that doesn't make them try to snag you for themselves, it's their loss. Good luck with the A to Z challenge too.

  9. Good luck withe everything! Fingers crossed for you!

  10. Good luck on all fronts, and congrats on your progress with your WIP! I can't believe it's March either. What happened to winter? What did I even do?